Transcript from Metal Gear Solid 2

Raiden : So Arsenal Gear was actually designed to protect the GW system,
wasn’t it?

Emma : Uh…yes. It’s armed with everything including nuclear weapons,
and is fully equipped with cyber-terrorist countermeasures.
Physically and logically, it’s the ultimate fortress for housing

Raiden : But is the AI actually capable of controlling everything?

Emma : No. GW is only the system’s core. It’s only for deciding what
data is stored or deleted. The actual sub-system for executing
the task exists within our social structure…

Raiden : What!?

[Videos of people working on computers and New Years celebrations in the year

Emma : Do you remember the panic that gripped the computer industry
prior to the end of the century?

Raiden : You mean the Y2K problem?

Emma : That’s right. If you recall, our government supplied the world
with a countermeasure program — using the internet at full
capacity. The program was distributed to every governmental
organization… every key facility…throughout the world. In
addition, the same program was included in an OS application for
distribution among the public.

[Codec screen.]

Raiden : Let me guess… the Y2K countermeasure contained a program
designed by the Patriots?

Emma : Yes. And everything supplied from that day onward contains the
same program.

Raiden : Impossible.

Emma : Do you know how a computer operates? Do you really know the basic
principles on how data is exchanged?

Raiden : …

Emma : Nobody’s aware of it, but there’s a sub-system in place. And it’s
about to be activated.

Raiden : Is that why Solidus wants to burn out every electrical circuit in
Manhattan with a nuclear blast?

Emma : Probably. But the overall system isn’t actually complete.

Raiden : What?

Emma : It still lacks the necessary factors for judging situations. I
heard they were planning a major experiment in the next few days,
to provide complex data for GW to study. And suddenly all this

Raiden : Emma… it’s not your fault. If it wasn’t for the terrorists…

Emma : Yeah… you’re right… Well… I think that’s about all I know.

Raiden : Right… uh, thanks. I think we’d better head for the Computer

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