Web 2.0 Survival Kit

Given the impending EdTech doom, that no one wants to acknowledge no less talk about, I have been thinking a lot lately about what to include in my personal survival kit of web-based tools. Because I, for one, want to be prepared when the in-house, centrally managed IT systems begin to crumble and the budget cuts eliminate in-house programmers by the thousands leaving the majority of instructional technologist to scavenge for themselves, most of whom will be unprepared and acutely vulnerable.

But not me, I’ve been patiently stockpiling free, web-based services that will allow me to go on despite the dark days that lie ahead. In fact, as I have been going through my survival kit I realized that surviving the EdTech apocalypse is neither expensive nor particularly difficult, rather it requires a new frame of mind when approaching the limited resources we currently have along with the increasing costs and inefficiencies of in-house, proprietary systems for learning and data management. Peak EdTech is nigh, and the answer lies in all those free, “throw away” third party services and open source applications. My arsenal consists of a unique hybrid of these two resources which together make me far more likely to survive the impending doom than all the EdTech cattle who lazily graze upon one course management system or another.

So here is what my survival kit of tools looks like, and if you were smart you’d get on board and start saving your data, your livelihood, and the future of teaching and learning with technology.

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  1. Would you put the archive in your toolkit?

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