Special Guest Post: Survivor Steve Prompts Visions of Educational Freedom

A little about me… I’ve spent my entire adult life fleeing from technology. For the last few years I have lived off the grid completely — no electricity, no tele-connection to an insane technolusting world, next to no money. And I like it that way. If you are reading this in some techno-narcotized cocoon (and you almost certainly are) than you have no idea of the enlightenment I have enjoyed here directly connecting with The Real in its most natural state:

Yes, you too could be the proud owner of such a fine place to live, if you are willing to do without luxuries such as central heat, plumbing, and regular trips to the grocery store. I live as part of a communal community of beautiful people who are committed to living in a beautiful world, whether the world is beautiful or not.

But let me tell you about my latest transformational experience. Having communed with the spirit of a completely legal sacred herb…¬†Almost immediately, I have visions. Vast, spewing purple vines, ancient beyond measure, pushing out into infinite space. I see my head split open. Green goo pours out and welds into the cosmos. A big hole opens in the universe, and I fly towards it. I jolt awake, my room flooded with light. It should be dark, but I can clearly see a stone warrior standing in the middle of the room.

I look closer and see the stone warrior is in fact¬†a Wise Man, in glasses, speaking truth about certain doom for the earth and the only means to safety. I sense a path to enlightenment. I haven’t felt this so strongly since the first time I was called to get my first trepanation hole.

In accordance with Survivor Steve’s commands, I have since re-equipped my hovel with a solar powered wireless internet hookup (see above), and have not slept in days as I journey to understand how I can spread my LOVE via the wonders of educational technology. More details tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Special Guest Post: Survivor Steve Prompts Visions of Educational Freedom

  1. Grant Miller says:

    That is some fucked up shit!

  2. Keira says:

    Hey moonchild, ever hang out in Mexico? You remind me of someone…

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