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EdTech Survivalist Hacked!

While I was trying to record the most recent EdTech Survivalist video, I was hacked by an alter-ego I thought had been laid to rest long ago. So forgive the quality of this recent installation, but I was shanghai’d in … Continue reading

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Open is just another word for nothing left to lose (guest post from Moonchild Terry)

The practice of making a hole in the skull, known as trepanation, has been around since the dawn of humankind. The procedure, from a technical standpoint, is very simple. An instrument called a trepan is used to make the hole. … Continue reading

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Special Guest Post: Survivor Steve Prompts Visions of Educational Freedom

A little about me… I’ve spent my entire adult life fleeing from technology. For the last few years I have lived off the grid completely — no electricity, no tele-connection to an insane technolusting world, next to no money. And … Continue reading

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EdTech Survivalist: Episode 1

“Fishing with Tom”

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The EdTech Survivalist

The first, introductory episode in The EdTech Survivalist video series which is designed to show you how to manage teaching and learning in the wilderness of the wide open web.

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