Open is just another word for nothing left to lose (guest post from Moonchild Terry)

The Common Vision Bus

The Common Vision Bus

The practice of making a hole in the skull, known as trepanation, has been around since the dawn of humankind. The procedure, from a technical standpoint, is very simple. An instrument called a trepan is used to make the hole. The trepan goes into your skull and a chunk of bone is taken out. You bandage yourself up and eventually the skin heals over, leaving only a small indentation to show for the hole in your head. The idea is to pump up your brainbloodvolume. With trepanation, you can willfully and deliberately accelerate your brain metabolism. You attain a higher level of consciousness.

But trepanation is insignificant compared to the revolution in my skull that’s been triggered by Survivor Steve. Reading his words, seeing his buddy¬†Tom explaining trout-lining for free knowledge to feed ourselves… I realize that proprietary software and copyrights on content LOVE are the equivalent of putting patents on genetically modified seed, and engineering that seed to be sterile, suppressing nature’s reproductive cycles.

Survivor Steve has opened my third eye to the essential human need for the free flow of ideas… And like the cosmic energy of consciousness, ideas must not be constrained by the containers, but converge into one intertransdimensional whole.

The astrally projected spirit of Survivor Steve has taken to visiting me when I enter my frequent trance states, guiding me along in my ongoing journey of transformation, showing me how free tools and systems can move us all toward Oneness:

Thank you Survivor Steve. Beneath that gruff, scruffy, paramilitary exterior lies a beautiful and enlightened soul.
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